The Center for Fulfillment and Prosperity is a place where people learn how to create affluent lives.


It is our belief that affluence is best experienced through self-employment. You might be able to create money working for someone else, but only through creating a business where you can serve others using your unique gifts will you be able to create a life filled with fulfillment and prosperity, allowing you to live a truly free, wealthy, and affluent life.


According to a report released by Gallup, Inc. in 2013, approximately 70% of the U.S. workforce are unengaged in their jobs.

So if you feel like a “Corporate Hostage,” you are not alone — and you can escape. Let me show you how!


Are You a Corporate Hostage?

"You are if you are feeling Undervalued, Unappreciated, Overworked, and Underpaid! You're stressed, you're tired, and you've had it! In fact, some days, you feel like the life is being sucked right out of you. How do I know all this? Because I've been there! I had a successful career in Corporate America, but I was miserable. I felt all of the things you are feeling, and I wanted OUT! I escaped Corporate America in 2005 and I only have one regret -- not doing it sooner! Because my life is now SO much better, in every way, I've made it my mission to help you escape and thrive -- physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially." -- Janet Tyler Johnson


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Affluence Means Living In The Flow of Abundance.

Do You Want More Of These In Your Life?






"I Did -- And I Found Them -- As Soon as I Escaped!" -- Janet Tyler Johnson


JATAJ, the Center for Fulfillment and Prosperity was founded in 2005.

Meet Our Founder, Janet Tyler Johnson,

Author, Speaker, Coach/Mentor, Podcast Host

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"I understand what you are going through right now. I've been there. I spent over 30 years working for small and large companies. Whether they were small or large I still refer to them as "Corporate America" because they had an outdated corporate mentality that is still too prevalent today — profits at any cost.

I often saw employees taken advantage of, demeaned and disrespected, myself included at times.

They just didn’t understand that by taking care of their employees, paying them what they were worth, treating them as a part of the family rather than a commodity, they could have been even more profitable. 

(Thankfully, this is changing in many companies today, but not fast enough for me!)

In spite of that, I climbed the ladder to “success.” I was very successful in my career, to the point where in my last position I was heading up what was, at one point, the fastest growing Registered Investment Advisory firm in the nation.

From the outside looking in I was extremely successful. The problem was, I WAS MISERABLE!

I yearned for less stress, more freedom, more meaning, more fun, more joy, and yes, even more money. I was tired of getting raises based on some archaic formula from someone who had no idea what the value of my work was truly worth.

So in 2005, I escaped.

For me, the answer was owning my own business. and I've come to believe that owning your own business is the fastest and most fulfilling way to get into and sustain living a life of affluence.

I believe that the “profits at any cost” way of doing business ought to go the way of the dinosaur, but until it does, if you are working for that type of company, you need an escape plan!

The #1 answer I get when I ask clients what they would change in their life if they won the lottery is “I would quit my job.”  If that’s you, then we need to talk.

I promise you that no matter what industry you work in, there are ways to make money that will allow you to thrive in life. You don’t have to settle. 

I am now living my dream of living an affluent life. My greatest joy would be to help you live yours." -- Janet Tyler Johnson


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JATAJ, the Center for Fulfillment and Prosperity 

is comprised of three businesses:

JATAJ Wealth Management which provides investment management and financial planning services

JATAJ Life Planning which provides speaking and educational products and services

Corporate Hostage, No More! which provides a blog, podcasts, mentoring and community support

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Through these three businesses we can help you create an escape plan and create the business of your dreams. Our mentoring programs are designed to help you transform your life in the shortest time possible. Our investment management services align your investments with your values, while our financial planning services make sure all areas of your finances are in order and help you achieve your financial goals throughout your lifetime.

We’re all about getting you the results that you want, because isn’t it results you are after? Living an affluent life can be yours starting today!

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